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SUMMARY - Top of Page OF THE INVENTION To ensure that the liquid will not overflow from the container, the existing soymilk maker, when the level sensor is triggered, will continue heating after the liquid level (which is constituted by foam) has dropped of itself and does not touch the level sensor anymore. This is repeated until the soymilk is cooked. However, experimental data show that: when the temperature is lower than the boiling point, the foam on the liquid will not increase tempestuously; and particularly, it should be noted that when heating is stopped, the foam on the liquid gradually ruptures and makes the liquid level drop. Usually, even if most of the foam has ruptured, a portion of the foam 101 still adheres to the level sensor 102 of the soymilk maker 100 and to the wall of the container, due to the lighter mass and the adhesive power of the foam, as shown in FIG. 1. Said remaining foam and the liquid under said foam form a circuit, which will trigger the level sensor 102 sequentially. Therefore, such remaining foam will create the false impression that the liquid level is still high. The instruction to continue heating will be sent only after the remaining foam has completely dissipated. Thus, the entire production time of soymilk is prolonged. Hence, it is an object if the invention to provide a method of making soymilk and a soymilk maker, which can detect and eliminate the false impression and shorten the production time of soymilk.

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