A Background Analysis Of Necessary Factors For Caning Supplies

Caning Supplies

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This has been done to offset cost of cane and facilitate timely payment of cane price dues of farmers. Due to drought situation, there has been significant decline in sugarcane/sugar production in the country by about 1.8 million MT (mMT) and 0.8 mMT respectively. Drought affected States requested to reduce the target of sugar export and ethanol supply due to non-availability of sufficient sugarcane and molasses. Initially, the export quota target was scaled at 15.70 kg of sugar for each tonne of estimated cane crushing. Now, http://www.veggiesensations.com/products/nesco-fd-77dthwkit-6-tray-dehydrator the export quota would be revised on a scale of 15.70 kg of sugar for each tonne of cane actually crushed by the mills during current sugar season or previously notified Minimum Indicative Export Quota (MIEQ) target, whichever is lower. Similarly, mill/distillery-wise ethanol supply target will be revised to actual quantity contracted by them for supply to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). In case of mills/distillery not offering supplies ethanol so far, the existing allocation already notified, will remain unchanged. Performance of ethanol supply would be assessed on the basis of actual supply made against pro-rated supply schedule fixed by OMCs till June, 2016 with respect to contracted quantities. As the production subsidy scheme was withdrawn before time, the sugar mills which have exported at least 50% of their export target (80% of MIEQ) and in case of mills having distillation capacity have supplied ethanol as per revised schedule shall be eligible for production subsidy.

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